Lindea’s professional positions

Lindea offers adaptable positions and stances, depending on the resources and skills available in your organization and in the project, and as a function of the level of accountability and delegation desired:

Expertise that can be implemented in an “a la carte” fashion

From preliminary assessments to deployment, Lindea places at your disposal a palette of unique skills. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of experienced consultants, with a dual culture of managerial and technical capabilities. 

Project conduct and real estate organization

  • Steering, coordination, methodology
  • Organizational and real estate scenarios
  • Decision-making assistance

Studies of real estate valuation

  • Real estate expertise in evaluating real estate assets
  • Site conversion, enhancement of heritage
  • Analysis of land use master plans (PLU, SCOT, etc. )
  • Analysis of the local real estate market, economic impact studies, transregional synergy studies
  • Evaluation of investment, provisional assessments of operations
  • Land management, strategies for allotment, drainage and marketing
  • Environmental approach applied to the conversion project (pollution clean-up, ICPE file, energy performance of buildings)

Implementation of renewal project

  • Real estate project: actors, alternative development mode
  • Marketing, implementation of consultations
  • Update of facilities needs and of project contributions to community services (UPP, taxes)
  • Negotiation with the real estate operators and assistance with the contractualization

Architecture, urban planning and urban scheduling

  • Urban and real estate planning
  • Master development plan forboth the project equipment and the land
  • Administrative conditions, normative and regulatory, environmental constraints

Life and layout of the land and the city

  • Project coordination between communities, curatorships, operators, owners and real estate operators
  • Operational strategies for the development of revitalization and urban renewal areas, in connection with the development of public facilities and infrastructures

Building and construction

  • Technical diagnosis of buildings
  • Prerequisite reconfigurations, demolition, pollution clean-up
  • Techno-economic assessment in land planning, restructuring and construction
  • Utilities, fluids, operation and maintenance of technical installations
  • Energy performance of buildings
  • Phasing and implementation of work, co-activity, management of occupied site
  • Graphical representation and drafting of zones and work
  • Eco-construction and sustainable development
  • Management of utilities, fluids, waste, effluents

Property and land planning

  • Flow of transport and people
  • Land use planning, Roads and Services
  • Site demutualization: Roads and Services streamlining, networks, establishing autonomy of sub-sections

Economic and financial analysis

  • Evaluation of investment, provisional assessment of operation
  • Analysis of complete real estate costs: construction, operation, maintenance, end of life
  • Project and operation economic and financial synthesis (CAPEX, OPEX, NPV)

Real estate setup

  • Transfer, acquisition, leasing, financing
  • Rental arrangement, setting up third-party investor, financing, lease
  • Identification and selection of investors. Negotiation and contractualization
  • Assistance and negotiation of leases on behalf of the operator


  • Building and works regulations
  • Environmental management / ICPE
  • Urban planning
  • Safety regulations, ERP, building operation