Grand immeuble moderne
Adapting real estate to the evolution of your organization
How can you properly determine your needs, reflect on the work organization and take into account their future evolution ?How >>>
Vue aérienne Dreux
Taking operating property into account in the context of a transfer / acquisition of an activity or business
The Lindea vocation is to bring objective elements and negotiation arguments that allow you to adjust a transaction value depending >>>
Partially evaluate the potential of a technical, commercial, administrative or medical operating property
Lindea accompanies owners and operators, private and public, in the a la carte format : release and reconversion-partial or total >>>
Existing sites, new sites: adapting real estate to the evolution of your business
Lindea assists operators (policy makers and users) and owners-investors, in adapting their real estate to the evolution of their business: >>>
Incinérateur éclairé
Investing, selling, transfering an activity, selecting a project team, receive a building, etc
Users, owners, investors, financiers, private and public, real estate operators, municipalities :  each one is faced with evolving decisions, emergencies, the need >>>
Combining project management, project engineer and contractors into one project team
Project engineer, builder, promoter, … your role in the real estate project and your skills are well established.In some cases, success >>>
Construction, expansion, restructuring in an occupied site: making the right choice, deploying, meeting objectives
Lindea assists operators and owners-investors, in the implementation, update and operational deployment phases of construction projects, expansion, restructuring → needs >>>
Plan urbain 3D
Enhancing the potential of a real estate and land asset, within the framework of urban renewal and revitalization operations
Renewing a site or territory involves: operators, investors, developers, renovators and communities.There must be solutions where the prerogatives and interests >>>
Site and service sector real estate park: working tools and heritage
Lindea assists owners, operators (users and decision makers) or investors, in the phases of assessment, decision and deployment of service >>>
Hôpital au toit rouge
How can you improve the value of an operating property?
Lindea assists owners, operators (users and decision makers) and investors, in their divestment projects and total or partial conversion of >>>