Lindea was created by the merger of five separate business lines to support the real estate life cycle, its economic actors and territories providing :

  • advice on business strategy and operational organization in industry and services
  • development and land renewal
  • construction and real estate
  • management and organization of complex projects, consultation, negotiation and facilitation
  • structuring operations and financing arrangements

According to the project, Lindea is committed alongside the :

  • operator-user
  • public or private owner
  • investor
  • real estate operator
  • developer
  • municipalities

Needs AND requirements of real estate solutions handled by the same support-consultancy team = 150% agility and ability to address intersecting challenges

  • 75% of missions deal with organisation and needs
  • 75% of missions include or deal directly with asset valuation, structuring investment or finding subsidies

Lindea provides customized assistance for projects in real estate, property management and territorial development and real estate valuation.
From preliminary assessments to their implementation, Lindea offers a unique range of diversified skills, independence and reactivity. Our multidisciplinary team is composed of experienced consultants and project heads that are both managers and technical engineers.
Whether on a one-time mission or a comprehensive project, Lindea customizes its support and optimizes your decisions and your real estate and development projects.

Lindea is completely INDEPENDENT both commercially and in terms of capital, with regard to all consultancy, construction and real estate actors

Lindea, one team, three fields tailoring support for your REAL ESTATE project decisions 

To address specific situations and swiftly provide different ways of collaborating, Lindea is supported by 2 sister companies, which use the same operators:

  • Solvium, for setting up operations, delegating projects in the study phases and real estate transactions
  • Tanden for technical and regulatory expertise applied to construction, project economics and advice on organisation and project management

Real estate, a means and a patrimony for a territory

Our group objectives ?

  • the needs of an organization and its professionnal real estate requirements
  • real estate and territorial valuations, as they stand with their constraints and for its potential

Lindea steps in with :

  • preliminary and expertise studies
  • investment/divestment assessments
  • decision support
  • operationnal assistance all throughout the project
  • monitoring and validating the real estate projects
  • delegated project management

Lindea intervenes throughout a project’s life cycle

The cycle of Lindea