Lindea is a team of a twelve grouped in a resource center in Lyon (former headquarters) and supplemented by two additional locations in Lisbon and Istanbul.

Lindea offers tailored assistance with a wide range of in-house expertise to choose from. Teamwork is at our core, with our customers and within the Lindea team.

The Lindea team handles a variety of work situations and has a wide range of expertise which we use to meet your needs. It is based on 3 main job profiles, experienced, qualified and often combined in our team interventions:

  • multi-specialist consultants in organisation and installation of economic activities, real estate structuring and territorial and asset valuation
  • operational project managers in development, construction and restructuring
  • real estate and economic research officers, as well as real estate asset marketing research officers

The management of activities and our development relies on 4 roles occupied by people who also actively participate in the missions:

  • general manager
  • head of back-office and development
  • head of the advice, structuring and valuation divisions
  • head of the operational project management division