Etienne De Haas

39 years, 16 years of experience with Lindea

  • Mission pilot
  • Economic activity installation and organisation, real estate structuring, territorial and asset valuation consultant
Fields of reference:
  • Organisation and installation of industrial, R&D, logistics, tertiary, administrative and sales activities
  • Activity, investment and upgrading blueprints for operating sites
  • Valorisation-conversion of operational real estate assets, project consultation with authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Transfer-acquisition-lease and contract management
  • Territorial revitalisation and development, urban planning and urban project management
  • Contractual and financial real estate structuring
  • Functional, technical and performance programming (terms of reference and specifications)
  • Project owner assistance and project monitoring in design and execution phases
  • Optimisation of the functional and real estate performance of a site or estate (return, costs, environmental quality, sustainability and the installation)
Prior experience:
  • Sanofi-Pasteur
  • Spie Batignolles
  • INSA Lyon
Working languages:
  • French
  • English